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Sixt Zagreb Airport

Sixt is a popular European car hire provider with headquarters in Pullach, Germany. It was founded during 1912 and 57% of it was owned by Sixt family. If you happen to be in Croatia, then you are very lucky because Sixt has an office within Zagreb Airport. You can easily rent a car at Sixt Zagreb Airport through online booking or up front car rental. Whenever you need car rental, then it should be Sixt as they are the leading provider across the globe. For this company, first class car hire service is the standard. You can conveniently do a reservation prior to your arrival at the airport, so you can start your journey right away.

It does not matter what type of car you want to rent, because all of their vehicles are available for rent online. The company car pool is filled with wide selections of impressive vehicles for you to choose from like SUVs and limousines. They can even provide you with convertibles and sports car of your choice. Sixt Zagreb Airport is only offering quality cars that are frequently inspected for condition and performance. It is important for them not to disappoint their valued customers. The company is available to provide transportation 24 hours and 7 days a week.

As midnight comes just like airports, Sixt Zagreb Airport has no downtime. You can book in advance no matter what time it is. There is Sixt customer card to avail that will entitle you for lots of best deals and offerings. It will also give you easy access to their rental services with just few clicks away. There is sophisticated online service for all corporate clients. You need to create an account and log in, so you can take complete control of your car rental service.

It is possible to make adjustment with your service right when you need it. You can opt for the service of professional chauffeur and rent elegant limousine. These are all available at Sixt Zagreb Airport. You can get your free quotation and reserve for the service online. You can rent a car once you arrive at the airport, but you need to present a valid driver’s license, your credit card and you need to be of the right age if you want to drive the car. However, there is a chauffeur service that you can avail in case you are not qualified to drive.