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Zagreb Airport Arrivals

Zagreb Airport is providing services to passengers arriving from different European destinations, but you will not find any direct flight that can take you to North America. If you will arrive at the airport, then you will see a lot of helpful signs to easily find your way. This airport is known as one of the most crowded one in whole Croatia that is why expansion of the terminal and runway will start this year 2013. Zagreb Airport arrivals will give you an easy time at the airport.

It is good to know that airlines arriving on time at Zagreb Airport, so you will not experience any delay with your itinerary. As you arrived at the airport, you will find a lot of services that can offer enjoyable stay at the airport premises. If you feel hungry, there is an onsite restaurant that serves delicious food to eat. If you want to chill out with your friends, choose one of the three bars at the airport. Zagreb Airport arrivals area is ideal for passengers because it is spacious. There is a duty free shop where you can buy items that you need for the duration of your stay in Croatia.

The shop is offering affordable products of different brands. Close to Zagreb airport arrivals you can buy souvenirs, clothing, toys, perfumes, foods, drinks and tobacco products. You will find a Welcome for All Vacationers Shop and by the time you need to leave the place you can drop by at Bye-buy Shop. There are taxis and car rental companies that can guide you out of the airport. They can give you the best transportation service for you to reach your next destination. If you want, you can also ride the train or bus going to your hotel, but you might experience some delay.