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Zagreb Tourist Attractions

Croatia is a vibrant country that you can find in Europe and its capital city Zagreb is attracting a lot of visitors from different parts of the world. The most common nationality of tourists that you can find comes from Austria, Germany and Italy. Tourists arriving in this part of the world usually land on Zagreb Airport. This is the place for you to start your journey as you can find lots of Zagreb Airport attractions and events that you must see and experience. Croatia is now taking the center stage in the tourist map as this country experienced millions of tourist arrival in year after year.

The main reason for its popularity is because of Zagreb Airport attractions that are becoming very famous for many tourists around the globe. Many who have been in Zagreb compared the city to the beauty of Prague, Vienna, Budapest and other popular central-European capitals. You will be amazed with its cobbled streets as well as architecture surrounding the entire city. The following are popular tourist attractions that you need to look forward as you visit Zagreb in Croatia.

First among the long list of Zagreb Airport attractions is Gornji Grad that you can find in the Upper town. This place can offer picturesque view because of many old buildings and the popular cobbled streets dated way back the medieval time until 19th century. This is truly a visitor’s delight. There is Donji lower grad, which is known as the lower town that is popular with its geometrical grid-plan and green squares bounded by Austro-Hungarian buildings.

There are more Zagreb Airport attractions that you can see through walking tours. There are travel agencies within the country that can arrange two hours walking tour for all vacationers. This tour will start at Zagreb Tourist Information Centre. It is through this tour that you will enjoy places like St Mark's Church, Dolac open-market and you will witness the beauty of the entire city from Lotrscak Tower. The tour can be customized or extended through bus ride, night tours and many more.

When it comes to Zagreb Airport attractions there is Medvednica Nature Park that you can reach through excursions, but you can go to this place independently. Here you will find slopes that are ideal for hiking. The highest peak is 1,033m that can offer 360 degrees views of the entire city that is simply amazing. If you are not an outdoor type of person, then you can choose to ride the cable car to reach the top. You can follow footpaths that can take you to the woodland and find mountain huts where you can relax and enjoy your meal. Aside from hiking, you can do biking with its 15 biking trails. During winter season, you can enjoy skiing and this is one of the most popular Zagreb Airport attractions during this time of the year.

One of the most popular Zagreb Airport attractions is Samobor. This place is a romantic venue because of the beautiful cobbled streets and the main square. You will also love the view of Mala Venecija riverside, which is known as little Venice. If you love adventure, then visit Zumberak and Samobor Nature Park for another hiking experience.

Aside from Zagreb Airport attractions, you will enjoy lots of festivals and events in Zagreb. There is Zagreb Summer Evenings that is celebrated annually starting from the first day of June until 31st of July. The highlight is in Upper Town where different venues are used for this event. If you like summer vacation in Croatia, then you will experience Split Summer Festival from July until end of August.