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Zagreb is one of the most popular cities in Europe for travelers around the world. This city is the capital of Croatia. The country is fast becoming a tourist hub, because of its beauty and nice roads for travelers. If you need to reach Zagreb Airport on time for your departure, then you need to find D408 the four lane state road that branch off from D30 state road, because it is connected to Zagreb airport and to Croatian motorway network through A3 motorway of Buzin interchange. None of first time tourists will find it hard to arrive at the airport through this route. This road is 1.7 km long.

Transport system in Zagreb is a mixture of city-managed as well as individual transportation. The beauty of road system and transport system in this city is, because of the growing population of tourists. The government makes sure that none of locals and international tourists will experience discomfort on their journey not only in Zagreb but in whole Croatia.

All drivers in Zagreb can use wide network of roads, streets and avenues to reach the airport. This city has a unique shape that is why trips done within the city are located at east-west part. This is why you will find high traffic in some parts such as Dubrovnik Avenue, Vukovar Avenue and Zagrebačka Avenue. None of the local and tourist drivers will experience hard time roaming around the city especially if they will run via the longest road known as Slavonska Avenue. It is almost 18 km long, but this road is congested during peak season. It connects the inner city going to A3 highway.

The capital city is known as highway hub as it has 8 highways and different expressways from Zagreb bypass. Tourists coming from the airport will love the fact that it is connected to diverse famous tourist attractions around Zagreb. If you want to reach Littoral and Dalmatia and Gorski Kotar from the airport then you need to pass through A1/A6. The road A3 will take you to Žumberak, Rakitje, Slovenia and Samobor at the west. If this is your first time to Zagreb in Croatia, then the best transportation is rent a car. None of you will get lost to these routes because a designated driver can take you anywhere you want to go and back to the airport by the time of your departure.

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