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Zagreb Airport Buses

Zagreb Airport is in Croatia and this is one of the most crowded as it is located in the capital city. This is also where lots of famous tourist attractions are located. Getting to Zagreb Airport and leaving the airport is an easy task to do as there are buses that can take you to the Upper and Lower grad. The Bus station is in the outside area of International Arrivals. A one way ticket will cost you 30 Kuna. If you want to reach central bus station, then it is just 10 minutes’ walk away from south-east of the railway station.

You can opt for Euro Bus Ways that can take you from Zagreb to Budapest. From your hotel getting to Zagreb Airport is an easy route if you will take the bus, but you cannot stay away from traffic, because the bus cannot look for alternative roads to take. If you choose to take the bus from your hotel to the airport, then you need to consider the travel time and traffic. It is recommended to leave your hotel several hours before your flight to avoid being late.

Getting to Zagreb Airport is also easy, because of many coach operators with scheduled lines that cover major domestic and different European cities such as Amsterdam, London, Rotterdam and Paris. You will also find buses from other cities in Italy, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, Switzerland, Slovenia, Belgium and Czech Republic.

One of the most convenient and affordable way getting to this airport is riding a bus. The bus departs from the airport for every 30 minutes and it will cost you 30 Kuna. You need to spend 25 minutes of your time from the airport to the bus station. Buses are found outside Tourist Information Office at the International Arrivals area.

Getting to Zagreb Airport is never a problem for first time tourists by the time they need to leave the country. There are lots of bus providers all over Zagreb, so you will not find it difficult to reach any place you want to visit. During summer season and peak season, you will find buses crowded with both locals and international travelers. During this time, bus transportation might not be ideal especially if you will travel with kids. You can choose taxi or rent a car service to find convenience and avoid the crowd. However, if you have limited budget, then bus can cheaply take you to the airport.